Why is it strongly recommended, for your safety, to set complex and strong Passwords (even if they are hard to remember) rather than Passwords that are easy to recall?

Because the Top 5 most common passwords used in 2013 and 2014 were:
1) 123456      2) password      3) 12345678      4) qwerty      5) abc123
....and digital criminals engaged in identity thefts know this all too well. They are familiar with  hundreds of the most typical algorithm and combinations that people use to set their Passwords. So if you have ever used a Password similar to the ones above, your data is insecure!

Have you ever asked yourself....

Electronic identity theft is a really serious problem.
It affects the whole community: that means direct or indirect damage for citizens, businesses and institutions.The only way out is to use access mechanisms that allow a user to manage in a simple and secure way their credentials and to protect their own electronic identity.