These functions allows you to save your data continuously - only in encrypted form - on a online server.

Each data card you save is in an encrypted data form, without any meaning for anyone; also, these blocks of encrypted data move between your device and the BackUp and Sync System and vice- versa, through a secure channel (SSL).

You are in complete control of this function and only you have the capability of accessing this information.

No one, inside or outside of the on-line Secure BackUp Service, knows anything about the data you store.

We do not know your Master Password, and we do not want to know it!

The only thing we know about your data is how many encrypted data cards you are syncing and when it happens.

On our servers, we only see encrypted data blocks — not your userIDs, PINs, passwords nor even simple notes that you write inside the data cards: we have zero knowledge of your data.

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